A Chinese Odyssey: Part II – Cinderella

Stephen Chow’s Monkey King continues his journey, travelling through time in search of his destiny

Focus Hong Kong presents a rare Chinese New Year double bill of legendary comedian Stephen Chow’s classic take on A Journey to the West at Genesis Cinema on a special joint ticket.


Part Two: Cinderella begins where the first film left off, with Joker stranded 500 years in the past, where he meets and falls in love with a woman who plays a key role in the realisation of his destiny as the Monkey King. Finally inspired complete the quest for the holy scriptures, he faces a series of heavenly and spiritual challenges as he embraces his fate.

With Stephen Chow already a megastar in China, his Journey to the West adaptations A Chinese Odyssey helped introduce his work to audiences around the world, paving the way for his later blockbusters Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle and The Mermaid. By turns hilarious, thrilling and moving, the two films are endlessly entertaining and provide a perfect showcase for Chow’s talents, backed by an all-star cast of famous Hong Kong faces and some fantastic special effects.

A single ticket is also available for this film. 


Supported by The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London.

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