A Chinese Odyssey: Part I – Pandora’s Box

Part One of a special double bill screening of Stephen Chow’s classic adaptation of A Journey to the West

Focus Hong Kong presents a rare Chinese New Year double bill of legendary comedian Stephen Chow’s classic take on A Journey to the West at Genesis Cinema on a special joint ticket.


Originally released in 1995, Stephen Chow’s A Chinese Odyssey Part One and Part Two were massive hits at the domestic box office, and are considered among the very best modern Hong Kong films, having become a much-loved Chinese New Year tradition.

Inspired by A Journey to the West, a timeless classic of Chinese literature, Part One: Pandora’s Box sees Chow’s Monkey King reincarnated in human form as lowly gang boss Joker after angering the gods and being banished from the heavens. Unaware of his true identity, he encounters a pair of demonic sisters (Yammie Lam and Karen Mok) who push him to re-join his former master the Longevity Monk and to continue their quest for the holy scriptures. Pursued by a motley group of mythical beings whose ulterior motive is to locate the Longevity Monk’s whereabouts and devour his flesh, Joker soon finds himself subjected to extreme emotions of love and loss.

A single ticket is also available for this film. 


Supported by The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London.

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