Where the Wind Blows

Philip Yung’s latest is a star-studded crime epic set in the dangerous era of 1960s Hong Kong

A Guilty Conscience

One of the biggest Hong Kong hits of the year and a hugely entertaining underdog court thriller

Let it Ghost

A new Hong Kong horror anthology featuring three stories mixing the supernatural and social issues

Nomad (4K Restoration, Director’s Cut)

The Hong Kong New Wave classic gets a stunning new restoration and edit from director Patrick Tam, screening to mark the 20th anniversary of the passing of Leslie Cheung

Made in Hong Kong

Fruit Chan’s 1997 masterpiece takes a searing look at urban alienation and despair in Handover-era Hong Kong

Septet: the Story of Hong Kong

An anthology looking back at the history of Hong Kong through the eyes of everyday people, directed by seven of the city’s most acclaimed filmmakers


One of the most beloved Hong Kong films of all time, starring Anita Mui as a ghost who returns from the 1930s to search for her missing love, played by Leslie Cheung

Comrades, Almost a Love Story

A special screening of Peter Chan’s beloved classic, following two Mainlanders who travel to Hong Kong for work and end up falling in love

Breakout Brothers

A wild and wacky prison caper in the classic Hong Kong style and a surprise smash hit at the local box office

Hand Rolled Cigarette

A gritty HK noir following an ex-solider working for the triads reluctantly protecting a South Asian immigrant

Tales from the Occult

An old school anthology exploring the hidden horrors that lurk behind the urban landscape of Hong Kong

The First Girl I Loved

The story of two high school girls who fall in love but find that their relationship has its limits

The Bride with White Hair

A special screening of the classic Hong Kong fantasy starring Brigitte Lin and Leslie Cheung

Bamboo Theatre

A documentary about the bamboo theatre tradition of Hong Kong and the performing troupes that sustain them