Story of Ricky, aka Riki-Oh

A rare screening of the outrageous 1990s Hong Kong cult classic, restored in 2K

One of the most outrageous cult favourites of 1990s Hong Kong cinema, Lam Nai-choi’s live action manga adaptation is a tour de force of kung fu, over the top violence and surreal splatter. Set in a futuristic 2001, the film stars real life martial artist Fan Siu-wong as a young man sent to a privatised prison for the killing of a crime boss, who’s forced to take on a series of increasingly brutal and bizarre foes as he tries to stay alive behind bars. Action-packed from start to finish, the film is a hyper-stylised, super-charged masterpiece of genre madness, and really has to be seen to be believed.



Supported by the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office London.


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