Nomad (4K Restoration, Director’s Cut)

The Hong Kong New Wave classic gets a stunning new restoration and edit from director Patrick Tam, screening to mark the 20th anniversary of the passing of Leslie Cheung

Hailed as one of the very best films of the Hong Kong New Wave, Patrick Tam’s 1982 classic returns to the screen in a stunning new 4K restoration, re-edited by Tam himself after having been heavily censored on its original release. Starring the immortal Leslie Cheung in a breakthrough role, the film follows a group of youths in Hong Kong as they try to find their place in the world, flitting between their apartments and the beach, getting caught up in romance, politics and gangs. At once colourful and cynical, the film is a mix of rebellion, burgeoning sexuality and culture clash, coming at a time when Hong Kong was still under British Colonial rule, though was looking both to China and Japan for its identity.


Supported by the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office London.


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