Septet: the Story of Hong Kong

An anthology looking back at the history of Hong Kong through the eyes of everyday people, directed by seven of the city’s most acclaimed filmmakers.

Seven of Hong Kong’s most revered directors with distinctly unique styles come together for the first time to compose a symphony of stories for their city from the 1950s to the future. Each of the seven stories represents a certain decade of Hong Kong’s fascinating and unique history, as told through the eyes of everyday people and shot entirely on film, beautifully bringing to the screen the many facets of the endlessly evolving city. The different segments see the legendary directors in moods that are equal parts thoughtful, playful and self-reflective, depicting the tumultuous changes that the city has seen over the years, while at the same time drawing out themes which cross the generations and tie its people together in an engaging manner that’s both nostalgic and frank, and which is wonderfully cinematic throughout.



Chinese New Year 2023 screenings supported by the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office London.


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