Visible Secret

Ann Hui’s multi-faceted 2001 horror comedy is a masterpiece of contemporary Hong Kong genre cinema

Eason Chan stars as Peter, a hairdresser who meets Shu Qi’s June at a nightclub, an enchanting amnesiac who claims to be able to see ghosts. Peter quickly falls for June despite her odd behaviour, though soon finds himself encountering spirits everywhere he looks, ranging from the friendly and funny to the downright vicious. After tragedy strikes, he starts to suspect that June might be the cause of it, forcing him to try and navigate a dangerous course through the real world and the underworld, and between the present and the sins of the past.

Though best known for acclaimed social dramas such as Boat People and A Simple Life, Ann Hui has worked across a wide range of genres, and has tried her hand at the supernatural on several occasions, including the much-loved classics The Spooky Bunch and Visible Secret. Here, backed by a fantastic all-star cast and gorgeous work by legendary cinematographer Arthur Wong (The 36th Chamber of Shaolin), she presents a haunting picture of post-Handover Hong Kong, it’s youth caught in limbo as they try to get on with their lives and loves while figuring out their place in a drastically changing city and culture.