Made in Hong Kong

Fruit Chan’s 1997 masterpiece takes a searing look at urban alienation and despair in Handover-era Hong Kong


Released to critical acclaim and multiple awards in 1997, the year of the Hong Kong handover, Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong was praised as an anarchic, searing masterpiece, a powerful distillation of urban alienation and youthful despair, following a small-time triad member stuck in an endless cycle of pointless violence with no hope of escape. After he and his friends witness the suicide of a young girl, they embark on a journey to deliver two letters she had on her when she died. Produced on a shoestring budget, with non-professional actors and using discarded film reels for stock, the powerful film has since attained classic status, and if anything feels more relevant and challenging today.



This screening will be introduced by Yiru Liu, curator at Sine Screen, an emerging screening project showcasing independent cinema from China & East and Southeast Asia.

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