Opening Gala: Anita + Reception

A biopic looking back on the life of the iconic Cantopop diva and actress Anita Mui

A household name in Hong Kong and a true queen of stage and screen, Anita Mui was the very definition of a cultural icon during Hong Kong’s golden age in the eighties and nineties. This new biopic from director Longman Leung (Cold War) opens with her final concert and looks back on her life and legacy, tracing her meteoric rise from child prodigy to one of the world’s most recognised music icons before her untimely death from cancer at the age of 40.

Making her film debut, model Louise Wong stars as Mui, and is a striking doppelganger for the beloved Cantonese chanteuse, giving her a steely determination during her cancer struggles and fraught personal relationships. Mixing archival footage of Mui’s stage performances with Wong’s understated dramatization, Anita captures the boldness of an artist who dared to celebrate independent womanhood and personal freedom in an era that embraced conformity.

Soho Hotel

18:00 – Drinks and canapés served in the Indigo Room

19:00 – ANITA (Screening Room One)


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